What Are The Top Amateur Electrical Mistakes Made

Top Amateur Electrical Mistakes Made

What are the most common amateur electrical mistakes people make? Inexperienced and amateur professionals often make quite a few mistakes that should be easily avoidable. With that said, here are three common electrical mistakes amateurs make.

Working Conditions That Aren’t Safe
Perhaps the most common mistakes amateurs make is creating unsafe working conditions. This is also one of the most dangerous mistakes to make. When an electrician attempts to repair an electrical system or change it, then it is of the utmost importance that they take all necessary safety precautions. Many inexperienced electricians will sometimes think the power in the working area has been turned off, when it’s actually still on or they will perform work in circuits that are still live.

An experienced electrician won’t make the above mistake. They know what to do before they even start the job. An experienced professional knows how important it is for working conditions to be as safe as possible. If you are looking for an experienced check : http://www.excelelectricians.com/.

Wrong Wire Size Is Used
Another common electrical mistake amateurs often make they use the wrong size wire. This could be very dangerous because if the wrong gauge wire is used, then the electrical charge may overwhelm it, which can lead to heating up. An electrical discharge may happen too or a fire may break out.

When an electrician arrives at the job site, they should do a thorough inspection. This is so they know exactly what size wire they should be using. If an electrician isn’t 100% sure if they are using the right wire, then this isn’t a good sign.

Not Using Electrical Boxes
The most experienced electricians know the importance of using electrical boxes, while amateurs can easily make the mistake of not using them. Electrical boxes are crucial to keeping electrical connections safe from outside damage. This means there’s less of a chance of connections becoming loose. It also means there’s less of a chance of an electrical fire from breaking out, so it is extremely important for all electricians to use electrical boxes and if they don’t, then consider not hiring them.

Although there are many other kinds of electrical mistakes made, those are some of the most common amateur electrical mistakes inexperienced electricians or people attempting electrical work make. Always make sure you hire an experienced professional. Also, if you’re not comfortable with doing electrical work and you haven’t received proper training, then you should hire a professional electrician.